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Energy transition


The Challenge

We, humans, need sustainable energy solutions which benefit our environment to protect the future of our planet. It is crucial to prevent damage to the world that future generations will reside in. We should choose sustainable energy because it is abundant and because we don't have to solely rely on traditional energy sources. It is economically safe for companies to offer different energy options and to keep on innovating. It's time to think about sustainable energy and get familiar with it.

The Solution

Companies who want to market their sustainable energy choices or development can do this with a fun, effective physical/visual model. Energytoys wants to design these models. You can think of models demonstrating solar energy, hydropower, wind energy, thermal energy, hydrogen energy or use of biomass to extract energy. People can experiment and play with these models to get a better understanding of sustainable energy. This will educate, motivate and inspire people to choose for sustainable energy. Energytoys also wants to offer educational workshops including the models, by designing them for the customer. The products can be used for promotional reasons or educational purposes.

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