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High Tech Systems & Materials
Chemics & Materials
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Interest and knowledge in any of the following areas: - Business Administration - Innovative textile and design Engineering - Sustainability and ecology - Material science (Natural fibres) - Dutch language

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The Challenge

DO WE HAVE SUSTAINABLE AND COST-EFFECTIVE SHOPPING BAGS IN THE MARKET? The use of plastic bags is not a small issue. On average, every European uses 165 plastic bags each year, nearly 10 billion of them are consumed in the EU. Plastic is catastrophic towards nature, yet makes up 70% of the waste that is found in European waters. Up to 70% of this waste consists of plastic bags. Plastics are even reaching citizens' lungs and dinner tables, with microplastics in air, water, and food having an unknown impact on their health (European Commission, plasticEurope,2018). Simply put, the problem we are tackling is plastic shopping bags and the waste produced.

The Solution

IIN-LAND COFIBRE introducing "Industry-First Sustainable shopping Bag Return scheme". A sustainable bio-based alternative for plastic bags, also stimulating the circular economy. US provisional patented 100% eco-friendly and sustainable coconut fiber-based reusable shopping bags with a circular business model. Consumers may return the bags after use and may obtain money back (additional reward program). Then we'll refurbish/recycle them to bring back into use making a loop. COFIBRE shopping bags are water-resistance, high strength, flexible, durable, and aesthetic.

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