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B Square

The Challenge

Thousands of till receipts are printed in Netherlands every day; a large number of customers always take it with them after shopping; which mean that after using receipts go straight to the trash. In most cases, till receipts are thrown in the waste paper garbage, even though they have to be disposed of as residual waste. Because many receipts are still printed on health-damaging thermal paper and this contains bisphenol A, which can cause damage to the brain development of unborn babies and young children, as well as heart and cancer diseases in men. On other hand, failure to produce your receipts may lead to significant financial loss as well.

The Solution

B square is working on a simple, secure and innovative B2B2C platforms in the form of digital receipt system and an application for the customers. digital receipt system offers a flexible and state-of-the-art solution that enables retailers with an electronic cash register system and regardless of size or industry to transmit the cash receipt digitally to the customer's smartphone (on the B-square application). This means that the retailer not only saves time during the checkout process, but also saves costs by eliminating the printed receipt (paper, printing and disposal costs). For customers preservative the digital receipt will store on the B-square application. Example: If the Albert Heijn alone uses digital receipts, 10.000 less trees worth of paper have to be produced (either cutting them, or recycling).

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