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The Challenge

Spectrometers are a fundamental exploratory tool for understanding the structure and composition of materials by studying the way light interacts with it. The mid-infrared light range in spectroscopy can discern unique ‘fingerprints’ of different chemical bonds in matter. But today’s mid-IR spectrometers are slow, bulky, and expensive devices restricted to the lab. The potential for real-world applications from characterizing minerals and pollutants in our environment to the health of cells and quality of food, is immense. To unlock this potential of mid-IR spectroscopy, an economical, portable, and versatile spectrometer, capable of instant and reliable chemical detection is needed.

The Solution

MIRiad is a fully configurable mid-infrared spectrometer based on quantum cascade lasers (QCLs). QCLs are nanofabricated precise, high power lasers that can be rapidly tuned across multiple wavelengths using a unique configuration of photonic elements. By integrating pre-designed modules of the laser and sensing platform, it is possible to detect chemicals and their reactions in gases or liquids for various applications at the required resolution. This modular system design enables easy configuration while reducing product development time and cost. The compact MIRiad spectrometers can thus provide robust, real-time chemical characterization solutions tailored to specific needs of real-world applications.

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