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DIY Home Greenhouse
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DIY Home Greenhouse

The Challenge

Growing plants can be a very tough and time-consuming job sometimes, especially in desolate and remote areas, where the conditions are rather harsh. Plants need regular watering, right amount of heat and light, and a lot of care. A good gardener makes sure that his “babies” are always free from parasites, insects and other pests that potentially threaten the plant’s health. Each plant has to be carefully inspected and cleaned if necessary. Additionally the moisture levels of the soil and its richness must also be measured, to determine whether it needs additional watering and fertilization. To make matters even more complicated, plants also need to grow in satisfactory temperature levels. All of these things have to be taken care of by the gardener. Usually in farms and conservatories, this can easily be achieved, since usually there is more than one skilled gardener present. Gardeners also usually possess the tools needed for professionally monitor and take care of their plantations. However this approach is usually inefficient and costly.

The Solution

To provide an out-of-the-box solution for indoor gardening enthusiasts. Right now, the current solutions are expensive, and difficult to assemble. Additionally, there it is difficult to figure out the right parts, which usually are supplied by many different manufaturers. And provided solutions are in general, not autonomous. My current understanding is that there is an increased interest in self-growing vegetables, given that many people see the benefits of a more vegetable-heavy diet. Considering that this system can also be powered from renewable energy sources (solarpanels, wind turbines, etc…), it should be as power-efficient as possible, which is one of the main goals for this project. The “Active Growing Chamber” can be a very interesting and challenging project. But its potential is quite powerful. Having a simple, portable solution to everyone, who wants to grow plants indoors without having to put a lot effort into it, is a huge plus and saves a lot of time and money. Additionally it will provide an environment for the plants, in which they will grow healthy and optimally.

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